Refresh Collection

We believe in sharing good things. Shop Durham cardholders have special pricing on our Refresh package collection, and we want to share our Refresh services with you, too. 

Our Refresh Collection is best suited to spaces that just need a bit of polishing to look their very best. Each of our Refresh Packages offer an on-site Initial Consultation, a 45 minute collaborative Design Portfolio planning session, and a Project List that you can check off in a single Saturday.

Please note that we have temporarily paused all on-site consultations and have replaced them with Google Meet in order to ensure the health and safety of our clients during COVID-19.

Shop Durham Cardholders: $50

Non-cardholders: $75

*Prices based on 60 minute travel time from Durham, NC

Door with check mark


Best for:

An entryway that needs a bit more support in order to carry its own weight.

What to expect:

Whether your entryway is a grand foyer or a few square feet of hardwood, you want it to be able to whisk you out the door at your best while also being the helping hand that you need when you're running late and really just need to find your keys, favorite to-go mug, and a pack of tissues for the cold that you feel coming on.


If your entryway isn't the breath of fresh air you've always known it could be, we're here to help. We'll dive into the specifics of your morning routine, your habits regarding setting down the mail, family rules about wearing shoes in the house, and what to do when lacrosse season starts and you suddenly have a teenager dropping their equipment wherever there seems to be a floor to catch it. We'll talk through possible solutions, weigh pros and cons, and find the best fit for your family. When we bid farewell for the day, you'll have a Project List to help you implement your plan and the confidence that you need to make a change.

Team Building

Full or half bath

Best for:

A bathroom that does the job but not much more.

What to expect:

Bathrooms can be an in-home spa that you personally curate with soaps and spritzes that suit your senses and make you feel fresh. They can be the perfect place for you to perch a favorite lotion on the counter, or burn a lemon-scented candle to create a small oasis of peace for a guest who is lucky enough to happen across your little haven. 

Although bathrooms can be these things, they often end up being a space for you to stash some bandaids, cold medicine, tissues, and a few extra rolls of toilet paper.

Pen & Paper is here to help you find the perfect balance between a bathroom that "does the job" and a bathroom that "goes the extra mile." Pursuing function and aesthetic appeal is our specialty, and there's no room more perfect for this blend than the bathroom.


Closet or pantry

Best for:

A storage nook that is either pulling double duty or isn't pulling even half of what it could be doing for your home.

What to expect:

Storage nooks, such as closets and pantries, seem to fall into two distinct categories: Nooks that are pulling double duty by transforming themself into an avalanche that we politely call "storage" or a nook that seems so sparsely underused, that you may find yourself wondering if you should just remove the door and make it a mini home office.

Pen & Paper will help you look at your space and figure out how to maximize the square footage that you have available. We'll focus on not just a solution that helps you cram in as much as possible, but a system that effortlessly lets you access your items and return them to their proper location with ease and comfort when you're finished. We'll brainstorm ways to help you personalize the space, too. Just because it's behind a closed door doesn't mean that it can't be pretty.