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What if the Project Plan materials exceed my room renovation budget?

Design for real, real life exists within the constraints of budget, number of family members, pets, and trying to work in family heirlooms. 

We will always deliver a Project Plan that can reasonably be executed within your budget. When possible, local thrift store  recommendations will be made to help lessen the environmental impact of your renovation and keep costs low. Additionally, when possible, local home goods and supply stores will be recommended in order to keep your money in your community to strengthen our shared local economy.

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What if I'm unhappy with the Design Portfolio?

Both of our foundational packages offer unlimited support in the Design Portfolio phase of your project because we believe in reworking a plan until it feels right.


Life changes, preferences change, and Pen and Paper Design Co. is here for all of it. The Design Portfolio phase is all about tweaking separate components of a room until we create a singular cohesive design that makes you happy and gives you an itch to roll up your sleeves and make the magic happen.


It may throw off your anticipated timeline if you change a preference mid-project, but it's better to change your mind mid-project than after you've painted a room and rearranged the furniture.

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Are you going to push me to "go bold" or "have a statement wall?"

We believe in autonomy and consent.

We encourage you to consider options that you previously hadn't thought possible, as this often leads to a space that feels truly unique and custom, but when you say "that's a hard no," our job is not to convince you. You know yourself, and our job is to know and brainstorm other options if you feel that a particular choice isn't a good fit for you and your home.


It can be hard to imagine something existing in your home that isn't currently there and we will do our best to help you visualize the potential outcomes of your choices via digital files, hand renderings, and photographs.


We deeply value the trust that you're giving us to help you reimagine your space, and ask that you show up with your own sense of imagination throughout the design process.

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Will you do the project for me?

The Pencil and The Pen foundational packages do not offer on-site project completion, but this is actually good news for you! By focusing solely on the planning portions of the design process, we are able to keep our design service costs lower and offer greater individualized support to our clients.


At the same time, you get the satisfaction of hosting a dinner party and casually mentioning that you single handedly remodeled your dining space. (If you want to take all of the credit we understand, but if you want a referral credit, you should check our our referral promotion.)