We offer two main categories of design consultation packages: Foundational and build-your-own.


We also offer a special collection of packages called the Refresh Collection for spaces that just need a bit of sprucing up to look their best.

All package descriptions have been updated to ensure your health and safety during COVID-19.


A build-your-own package takes our services and shrinks or expands them to fit the scope of your unique project. 

Build-your-own packages can range from styling a bookshelf or redesigning a corner nook of the living room to creating a

multi-step Project List that encompasses the entire first floor of your living space.

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The Pen

Our most popular package.

Phase #1: Initial Consultation

Includes a 60 minute Google Meet session to talk through your project scope, your preferences, and your needs.

Phase #2: Design Portfolio

Includes a digital Design Portfolio containing a series of integrated design ideas that address the unique needs of your living space and project goals. After you've had time to review the design portfolio, we will check in via phone or Google Meet to discuss your interests and preferences.

Phase #3: Project List

Includes a custom sequential list of action steps that you can take in order to take your space from an imagined design to reality.



The Pencil

A 90 minute condensed package for weekend project warriors who just need a bit of inspiration. The Pencil package condenses our three phases into a single morning or afternoon session.

Phase #1: Initial Consultation

Complete a questionnaire to help us learn about your project scope, your preferences, and your needs. We will ask you to identify challenges that you're facing in your space and functional design needs such storage and multi-purpose spaces.

Phase #2: Design Portfolio

We will develop and share a custom design portfolio created specifically for your space and needs. We will share creative solutions for previously identified challenges and will teach you how to transform your space.

Phase #3: Project List

We will create a sequential list of action steps that you can take in order to update your space from an imagined design to reality. We will talk through styling tips and tricks so that your space looks polished and complete.